Rahul Ranjan Signing off

Sorry to say but now I need to move to a different life. I have written a lot of love stuffs. But time has changed and things also have changed. As I said this blog was fed with love but as there is no love story so there is no feeling inside me.

Love has left my palace. So I don’t want to fill this place with anti-love feeling which I am going through.

It was a great time blogging with you guys.

May god bless you all with happiness.

Thanks for this community in the virtual world.

The Waiting

Not everyone can wait! It requires a strong desire for ownership. Wait is an implication of purpose. Waiting is uninteresting and sometimes it may make you angry. But when you can wait endlessly till the end then your wait is pushed by ‘Hope’. You learn to live selflessly and learn to have patience.

Happy anniversary! 3 years of happy blogging at wordpress.com

I just signed in to reply to a comment from my friend faridanazwg post on Freedom. But what I found today was something really awesome. I have spent 3 long years here at wordpress.com and I didn’t knew this!

Today I want to thank all my followers, readers. Journey of Blogging wouldn’t be this long if I have not met some awesome readers like you. Your comments inspired me, Your posts motivated me. I discuss about some of you with my friends. Really this 3 years of time was very motivating and learning.

I got the idea to create this blog 3 years back when I was in the 1st year of Electrical Engineering. I had a big crush over a girl who studied with me at that time. But I was a little introvert to tell her my hearts beautiful feeling for her. So the idea of writing my feeling somewhere on the internet has led me to writing of this blog.

In this journey I wrote multiple post and found lovely comments. I admit that people at wordpress.com are really inspiring, creative, helpful and friendly. I one word I want to say that everyone whom I met in this journey was “amazing”.

A big thanks to the team at the daily post. They taught step-by-step blogging. They have helped me find a large number of followers! At the beginning, when I use to write some post then I use to put the link to that post in some of the post at the daily post. I was amazed at the response. I discovered wonderful followers from there.

I left the blogging journey in between for few months due to some reasons. But finally I arrived at just one conclusion that if you love to do something then please don’t stop doing it. Because after a long period of time when you look back these small things will definitely bring a smile at your face.

Life has shown me a lot of ups and downs. Before I was afraid to write about myself. But when I read them again I felt the need to write about myself. Memories were gone but the words written here are still preserved, and most importantly I get to feel the same feeling which I felt when I have written those post a few years back.

Today due to hectic routine of life and I am busy with working towards the aim of my life I could write my post in a structured format and I couldn’t compose any stories here but I still write sometimes just for myself. Truly speaking, I blog for myself. Diary writing is replaced with blogging. So this blog doesn’t talk about a particular genre but most of the time it talks about life, love, feelings and dreams because these things were most close to me till now.

I am working towards my dream and I have realized that this task is not that easy but the most important thing is that I enjoy this task and I will, one day, pursue my dream. Today is the phase of putting my effort.

But one thing is for sure that this blog will always tell you that I am alive and it will also give you a brief idea about what is currently going on with my life…

Meeting new readers everyday is a part of good feeling.

This journey was always beautiful and will always be…


The pursuit of dream is the pursuit of happiness.

For a last few years I had a believe that at least I have got one person who has faith on me. After failing to fulfil my promises in my past life, now my future plans doesn’t seem to interest anyone who knows me for at least sometime. But this new faith which I saw in the eyes of someone so dear to me I felt like my passive mood has taken a swing. Once again I felt like I am in air and once again I became so happy like a carefree person. But the enthusiasm which motivated me to dream again didn’t lasted long. Time has grabbed me tight, swing me in air, made me see dreams and then thrown me away. Everything else vanished as if they never existed in my life. Even if I try to go back to the past life, I fail because I have reached a point from where there is no turning back. I have spent some crucial part of my life in the pursuit of my dream. A dream which I haven’t seen alone but now I have to pursue it alone and on my own.

When you are in the phase of experiencing true love all your fear goes away and you stop undermining yourself. Similar was the situation with me and in that process I chose to chase the finest dream which is obviously the most difficult one to achieve given the time and strength. Today when I am alone and you are not here with me, supporting me, I sometimes feel a little discouraged. Every time I embrace myself and stop myself from falling.

So what is the difference between today and yesterday? Yesterday I was carefree. I did every thing I wanted to do and I was not afraid of the results. I did everything with a gifted confidence which helped me sail through the hurdles. I was in your comfort zone. Yesterday, I was sure that at the end of the day, no matter whatever the result may be, I will be in your arms. I knew that you will be there to talk and you’ll be there with me to keep me moving. Yesterday I knew that I love you and you love me too. But today, things are quite different. I don’t have any back up plans. Today I fear of fail because I know that if I fall no one will be there to hold me. Today I constantly feel the pain in my heart. I feel helpless. I tried different things, which I never did to take myself out of this. But every time I realized the truth. You lived with me all these years and never complaint. You talked to me as much as I wanted to … But today you know, when remembering the good thing between us doesn’t help me control my emotions then I try to remember all the bad things that has happened. These memories add to my already accumulated pain and let it come out of me in the form of tears. And in the end it relieves me from the pain.

I always said that we should not remember all the bad things but what I know from my experience of overcoming grief is that one should never forget the bad times. Today I use to remember all those bad memories add the already painful grief and cry as much as I could. And you know the sleep which I have after my tears dry off itself are the best sleep I have ever had. They are very peaceful. In these sleep I think of ‘nothing’. And this nothingness takes away all my anxiety when I wake up next morning. The pursuit of chasing my dream resumes with a new enthusiasm. One thing which I have learnt from all this is that no matter how many people are with you and are coincident with your thoughts, in the end all that matters is the trust you have in yourself. I remember the kind of guy I have been and this become the source of enthusiasm for the next round of struggle.


I wrote a lot of things which were there in my mind. I have not review the article for mistakes in it and I have written it in the form of an informal personal letter. They are definitely unstructured. But I am sure that if you are a good reader or have gone through a similar phase in your life then you will definitely understand it.

My message:

The idea of following ones dream is like a fantasy, but as soon as you start working for it, all your fantasy will wash away. To life once dream requires a great deal of courage, sacrifice and effort. At times you’ll have to be brutal with yourself. But in the end, when you rest in the lap of your dream all your pain will disappear. I wish that I am strong enough for that.

[Apology for writing errors :) But I would be happy enough if you point them out for me]

Thanks for the time and interest!

Rahul Ranjan

PK movie review: Movie that touch million lives, true legend!

PK_Theatrical_PosterA movie that will make you laugh out loud, cry and surely make you happy :)

This is my first movie review. I have just watched PK after listening to some weird statement by some religious people. They are raising a bad image about it. But I would say that everyone around here has got his or her mind which can decide what is good and what is wrong. And one clear answer to all the criticizers is that the world is full of bad things, so first try and ban them then comes the movie.

Let me make it very clear that the movie PK tries to give the society a very strong message and everyone must understand this message by heart. One attempt was made in Oh My God and the second one is here.

One important message Mahatma Gandhi tried share was: Love and exclusive possession can never go together.

The movie tries to share this same message in a different perspective. In the end of the movie, there is a line, ” love me enough to leave me”.

God do exist but not in the temples made by the money donated with fear, pain and trouble. God doesn’t want you to do some special things to listen to you. Neither he wants you to take a painful route which some pandits suggest. He just wants to believe him and not fear him.

Altogether the movie is fun to watch. Watch it with your family, friends.

Some scenes will make you laugh and others will make you cry. There is a song called ” Love is a waste of time”… after listening to this song I understood why love is not a waste of time. A beautiful and cute song.

There is also a nice, simple, cute and quick love story of Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Overall summary:

  • Direction: Wonderful

  • Cast: Perfect selection

  • Location and Language: Elegant

  • Newness: Similar massage In OMG!

  • Humor: Entirely new!

  • Category: Must watch, Many time watch, Religion, love, Faith

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
Albert Einstein


Universe is of all spacetime and everything that exist therein including planets, stars, galaxy. Estimates diameter of observable universe is 93 billion light years!

Though this quote may seem insulting but there lies a deep meaning behind this. Infinite means endless and as we know universe is infinite. But telling the same thing about Human stupidity is not that obvious.

Stupidity: lacking common sense or Intelligence. On one hand we say that human is the most wise creature in this planet earth but when a statement like this is said then we are forced to think for sometime.

The age group of 15-64 constitutes 63.6% of the population in India. 31.2% are below this age group and 5.3% are above this range. So 31.2% of the population are child and are supposed to undergo School education. 15-64 age group which constitutes the highest population are involved in productive activities like higher education, working professionals, businessman etc. The rest 5% population are dependent and are involved in no economic activities.

Child labour:

But the reality different. 4.35 million children in the age group of 5-14 are forced to child labour which is nearly 2% of the population. Poverty, lack of good schools and growth of Informal economy are the major cause of child labour. Although government has started a lot of plans to eradicate child labour from India like: factories act 1948, mines act 1952, child labour(prohibition and regulation) act 1986, Juvenile justice(care and protection) of children act of 2000 and Right of children to free and compulsory education act of 2009. These acts regulates and curbs child labour and ensure their fee education.

In addition to it govt. has also initiates several policies like  National child labour policy. This policy has a current central funding of 6 billion rupees just to eliminate child labour from India. But the fortune of these child are so unfortunate that they are still forced to work as labour just to earn 2 extra breads at the cost of Education and health.


Smoking, Drinking, Love affairs and Social evils:

We always feel proud of the youth force we have in India after all India is having the youngest population average age across the world. But must be concerned about the killings done due to smoking, tobacco, suicide and stupid road accident due to rash driving and not abiding by the traffic rules.

The frequency of traffic collision in India is highest in the world. National Crime Record Bureau(NCRB) reports 135000 collision in India. Approximately 14 person per hour die due to road accident in India. Main Cause of these death, according to Global Status report in health survey by WHO, are driving over speed limit, Driving under influence and driving without using seat-belts and helmets.

These road accidents don’t just take lives but it also proves burden to economy. Traffic related accidents results in an annual monetary loss of $20 billion this includes accident victim, property damage and administrative expenses.

Just abiding the traffic rules and avoiding driving under influence can avoid these accidents but this doesn’t stops. Same is the condition with use of tobacco. 1.5 Million people are killed by the use of tobacco in India in a year. This includes major adult population. But still people continue to use it. Is it not stupidity?

About 800000 people commit suicide in the world out of this 17% of the cases are from India. Unfortunately 80% of these people who commit suicide are literate! Family problems and illness are the two major reasons for suicide in India accounting for 46% of the cases. Drug abuse, love affairs, sudden change in economic status, domestic violence, dowry and bankruptcy are other causes.


From all this figure one thing is obvious, that is human do all such things which they are not supposed to do and in the same time they miss to do all the essential things.

Well I have put only relevant stuffs here. But yes this article could be made more interesting if some irrelevant examples are cited. But then that will be stupidity and I want to avoid it!

All suggestions are welcome to improve this article.

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 900 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

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