20th Birthday celebration at home.

It’s a picture of the inception of 20th year of my life. I celebrated my birthday after many years. As I remember, when I was of the age of the little girl in this picture I celebrated this day with my friends. Since then its the next time I’ve celebrated this day to enjoy the childhood once again.

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Its satisfactory but I expect more!

Life is so strange, when we don’t have what we really want, we put in all the effort to achieve it.

When its about enjoying the blooming of flower, I was awake all night. But now when finally the morning has arrived and the flower has erased out her shyness, i don’t want to watch it any further!

Life id not all about achieving all we want by our effort,
sometimes life is about how we become special to the nature someday and it discloses everything that day and that will be just for me kind of thing. I will prefer waiting for avalanche.

I’ll prefer waiting for that day, the one which will make me feel special, at some point of my life.

My love is pure, its just about waiting for the turbulence to calm down.

With love
Rahul Ranjan.

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