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I Am Dead But My Heart BeatsI Am Dead But My Heart Beats by Priyank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


No matter weather you have ever been in love or lived a life where you were a dolphin in an ocean of love. You’ll surely enjoy this book. This book presents a total new dimension to love.
This book will inspire you and give you an Idea of how to describe the beauty of your girlfriend in an endless manner. It will also make your heart cry if you come read the entre story.
its true my friend that you can truly understand the love only when its gone.
Such a nice writing style. I am totally flattered. Congratulations Priyank for this beautiful piece of work.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave Your Shoes at the Door

The rose
This post is written for the Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave Your Shoes at the Door by daily post . This week’s challenge was to write a post from the view-point of some other person. This is my second post in this series. First one has got huge appreciation and that has inspired me to write more and participate in these challenges. Now I should come directly to my subject. As I didn’t get enough time now so I didn’t review mistakes so if you come across one then I will be glad to know from you.
This week I am writing being a rose flower which is near the roadside.
“Oh I’m so tired! how boring is our life. We keep on hanging on a thin support since we are born. And keep on hanging all day and all night. When we were small buds coming out of the plant we were so excited about the fact that finally we will have a chance to showcase out mesmerizing beauty to all who takes this road.”… I was talking to the other roses (my sisters) on the same plant.
“ I feel proud and high when someone gazes me when he passes through the road.”-said my sister rose.
“I was so shy when my covers were opening up in public. It was most embarrassing when my covers were partially open and pink-red petals were popping out and at those moment when some stranger comes and smells me. OMG! this is so weird naa?”- I replied as my suggestion.
“Have you notices that handsome young boy who travels this road everyday carrying a bag?”- I asked my sister.
“Yeah I have seen him quite a few days.”-  my sister rose replied to my query.
“But he is always busy in his mobile phone, talking and smiling… Perhaps he has a girlfriend. But he is so handsome and when he smiles he looks so cute naa?”- I again questioned.
“ Actually I have a strong feeling this he likes you very much! I have noticed that he’s taken quite a few clicks of your amazing body. And I feel that he will fall for you one day. I bet! … One day he’s gone out of his limits. He was so busy taking out your photos that he barely cared to look for a ground for his feet and fallen. But he managed to save you by not letting him fall over you.”- My sister replied again.
I was blushing listening to my sister. Actually I was a little envy about why she was taking so much interest when she already knows that I liked you. But leave it. Anyways she is my sister. But I was wondering that one day I wall start loosing my petals and from that day onwards I’ll start loosing my beautiful looks. Will then the boy will continue to look at me with that same passion? Will he again fall while taking my clicks? What kind of romance I will do with a handsome and grown up guy? How long will he cross by this road? And what will I do when I didn’t find him anymore?
Some other attempts of fellow bloggers!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Three Ways to Go Gonzo

Beautiful girlfriend walking away
IT’S A SCENE DESCRIBING – “I’m in a street-side café in San Diego, California. The couple seated at the next table is breaking up.”
so lets begin now! hope you enjoy.
Sipping up the finest coffee in a street-side café in San Diego I was lost in the beauty of the city. lots of water and periphery surrounded by huge buildings. Well it’s one of my honeymoon destination so I was so lost. In all this suddenly I heard a warming up conversation. A couple was seated beside my table were caught in a fight.
Girl: “are you listening even listening. where is your mind?”- the girl shouted at the boy.
The boy was lost, I guess, in his thoughts, of which I have no idea. “yes, I am listening. if I’m sitting with you and doing nothing else then I must be listening”, the boy yelled making annoyed looks. “ but as I feel, it doesn’t seem like you are interested in me?”, said the girl.
within my next sip of coffee I heard “please you are annoying me, I don’t want to listen anything else. Will you stop shouting at me? otherwise I’ll leave. I don’t want to listen it anymore”, said the boy in an out-of-phase voice. His voice overlapped the girl’s annoying speech and he was louder and continuous. So the girl stopped after a while and was listening to him as a loser.
After some time when the conversation proceeded like this.-“You are so dominating. You always do like this. I don’t like you always winning over me. last time also you shouted over me when I was late on my date”, the boy said with regret and continued ,” I have waited for you so many times but I never complain. You have to wait for just fifteen minutes and you are shouting on me like this?”. Now it was girls turn. I was looking at her face, waiting for her to speak, still sitting on my chair. My coffee got cold and I hardly noticed. “ Well it’s like boys are meant to wait and not girls. Girls always deserve special treatment, gifts and they make boys waiting for everything. It’s a part of our relationship tips.”-said the girl with pride and a sense of victory over the word war.
Couples fighting over a coffee
Couples fighting over a coffee
“ Why? It cannot be like this. Why should always wait?”-said the boy. After thinking for a while, I guess he was casting his next few lines, he said,” I do have expectations from love. I want to feel special. I also have a desiring heart. Why can’t you girls do something for us? Don’t we guys have heart?”. Responding to this the girl said-” no boys always need to wait because we give them that one thing for which most of them pretend to be in love. I know you also want that one thing.” Suddenly the boy reacted in anger,” do you think that my love is not true? You’re so cheap. I don’t want to be with you. I fact I hate you.” The fired-up-from-heart girl shouted “You are also not a hero. Go away I also hate you. You careless! You are always busy with other stuffs and hide things from me. What do you think, I can’t live without you? I can and I will prove it to you. I will have a boyfriend with better looks and he will more caring than you. You will see.”
“ No one is going to love you. It was me carrying you so far. Everyone is aware of you. In fact I will have a better girlfriend you’ll see.”- Shouted the boy pointing fingers on her. The girl removed her hair from her face. She was very angry. She looked around and looked at the table. The girl then stood up and within a second she threw the cold drink over her boyfriend. In anger the boy picked up the pop-corn bowl and threw it over her. The girl ran away from there.
After some time the boy’s phone ring and he spoke, “ Huh Boyfriend? I don’t think so, because you are useless …”

20th Birthday celebration at home.

It’s a picture of the inception of 20th year of my life. I celebrated my birthday after many years. As I remember, when I was of the age of the little girl in this picture I celebrated this day with my friends. Since then its the next time I’ve celebrated this day to enjoy the childhood once again.


Life is so strange, when we don’t have what we really want, we put in all the effort to achieve it.

When its about enjoying the blooming of flower, I was awake all night. But now when finally the morning has arrived and the flower has erased out her shyness, i don’t want to watch it any further!

Life id not all about achieving all we want by our effort,
sometimes life is about how we become special to the nature someday and it discloses everything that day and that will be just for me kind of thing. I will prefer waiting for avalanche.

I’ll prefer waiting for that day, the one which will make me feel special, at some point of my life.

My love is pure, its just about waiting for the turbulence to calm down.

With love
Rahul Ranjan.

Its satisfactory but I expect more!

6 changes to adopt in this new year.

toy-teddy-bear-heart_1920x1200.jpgA well said line, “no one knows what will happen tomorrow’’ is so true. Sometimes in life we are so busy in making a better future and dreaming about things yet to happen that we forget to live the life which we have in present. Our engagements and sheer attachments to our work and social world most of the time makes us forget about the loved ones. May be whatever we are doing is for them, we are spending sleepless nights just for making them happy. Same thing I do. I also spend most of the night-time awake trying to complete the work and preparing for exams. Everyone in fact does the same thing but in all this we must not forget that our loved one are always near. So spend some time with them today also.
Well today I’ve got 6 different points to tell. All of them some how lags in me, but I won’t go in details for each of them because I want to make these wonderful points for every readers and let them relate each of these points with themselves. Well if you have all of these following quality in you then you are perfect in real-social life. Cheers!
Yes you have read it correct. Trusting someone is not that easy thing to do. But you have to trust me that it is what that makes a relationship strong. I know how difficult it is to trust but with time and experience I’ve realized that once you have started trusting your partner then life becomes considerably easier.
It is exam time now. I have my semester exams starting from 3rd January. So I regularly made a list of topics to cover. When a lot of days were left I ignored those list. But that ended up with a big mess of syllabus for today. So I decided to do whatever I have planned for today. I did this and it worked. So friends remember it’s never too late to start.
Well this one it too obvious for all of you but yet the hardest thing to control. Sometimes when I’m angry I talked very rudely with people around me. With people who cared about me. So when our anger goes down and we become cool then we regret of what we have done. Sometimes it makes deep impact on relationships. So I will try to have a control over it and ask you for the same. And we definitely owe a sorry to those people who have tolerated all this. So don’t hesitate in saying Sorry.
There is no secret that time doesn’t reveal. So be honest. I always try to be honest with my partner but sometimes we hide something. Hiding things will not make you honest.
Believe it or not but its true. If we do something and we don’t have our mind in the work there is a fair chance that we will have to do that work again or in some cases we will end up in a mistake. So in the end its a waste of time if you are not doing things with proper attention. I have some examples to prove myself. Whenever I’ve read the book in a rush to complete the syllabus or read the book without concentrating, I have ended up forgetting everything I read. This becomes a big fear in exams.
Same thing apply if we do two things at a time.
Well I’m ending this list with the best point, in my opinion, in the last. It is well said that you receive whatever you give to others. So try to make someone happy. Respect their perspective, no matter how genius you are. No one has seen the future. So live the present while preparing for the future. Don’t impose your decision on anyone, but it is totally correct to correct the one who is going wrong.
At last I will say have respect for women. Treat them properly. Being smart in front of a girl or showing your strength by bullying someone will never create a good image of yours. Love everyone and pledge with me, in this new year, to make India a better country.
Don’t think what will happen if I become correct and many are still wrong. Each single run is important to win a match. Don’t underestimate yourself. If you have decided, you can change the world.

इक दास्ताँ मेरी भी सुन लो।

written as my first hindi poem
बड़ा आसां होता ये इश्क़ अगर
ये दूरियां ना होती,
समंदर सी फैल जाती बाहें यह हमारी
 और इसमें लिपटे होते तुम ।
क्यों रोक दिया इन कदमो को  तुमने?
जो लगती थीं मुस्किलें
क्या पता था कि हमसफ़र बन जायेँगी।
जिनके बगैर जीना था मुस्किल
क्या पता था कि बस उनकी यादें ही रह जाएँगी?
क्यों छोर दिया इन यादों के भरोसे?
सम्भाले रखूँगा इन यादों को मै,
पर उम्मीद का दमन छोरना सिखा नहीं है हमने।
कुछ ख्वाब तोह पुरे हो ही जाते,
तुम्हारे मिलने से।
तुम न रहे, यादें रह गयी तुम्हारी।
मेरे आखों में अगर आसूं न दिखे
तो ये न समझ लेना कि एकतरफा था इश्क़ तुम्हारा।
मेरे नए रूप से अफ़सोस न करना,
ये तो परछाई है तुम्हारी।