Ranjhanna last Lines

“Bas Itni Hi Kahaani Thi Meri, Ek Ladki Thi Jo Bagal Mein Bhaithi Thi..
Ek Kuch Doctor Jo Abhi Bhi Iss Umeed Me The Ki Shayad Yeh Murda Phir Jaag Pade..
Ek Dost Tha Jo Pagal Tha.. Ek Aur LadkiThi Jisne Apna Sab Kuch Haar Diya Tha Mujhpe..
Meri Maa Thi, Baap Tha, Banaras Ki Galiyaan Thi Aur Yeh Ek Hamaara Shareer Tha Jo Hume Chod Chuka Tha..
Yeh Mera Seena Jisme Ab Bhi Aag Baaki Thi..
Hum Uth Sakte The Par Kiske Liye.. Hum Cheekh Sakte The Par Kiske Liye..
Mera Pyaar Zoya, Banaras Ki Galiyaan, Bindiya, Muraali Sab Mujhse Chooth Raha Tha…
Mere Seene Ki Aag Yaa Toh Mujhe Zinda Kar Sakti Thi Ya Fir Mujhe Marr Sakti Thi,
Par Saala Ab Uthe Kaun, Kaun Phir Se Mehnat Kare Dil Lagane Ko, Dil Tudwane Ko, Abe Koi Toh Aawaj De KeRok Lo,
Ye Jo Ladki Murda Si Aanke Liye Baithi Hai Bagal Me,
Aaj Bhi Haan Bol De Toh Mahadev Ki Kasam Waapas Aa Jayen Par Nahi Ab Saala Mood Nahi, Aankhe Moond Lene Me Hi Sukh Hai,
So Jaane Me Hi Bhalayi Hai,
Par Uthenge Kisi Din Ussi Ganga Kinare Damru Bajane Ko, Unhi Banaras Ke Galiyo Me Daud Jaane Ko, Kisi Zoya Ke Ishq Me Phir Se Padh Jaane Ko.”..

What is love ?

Love is a like which everyone couldn’t understand.

It is a crush of a lifetime.

Love is not about being perfect but correcting mistakes.

Love is not a about pain but its about scarifies for partners happiness.


Love is remembered even if its lost.

It is a lifetime memory.

Love is about caring which others might feel unnecessary.

When I am angry it never means I want to dominate but it means I was worried.


Love is about expectations.

This expectation is first of its kind after childhood.

Love is about turning towards selflessness.

Love teaches us how to care and serve.


Hai duniya usiki / है दुनियाँ उसीकी जमाना उसीका

है दुनियाँ उसीकी ज़माना उसीका
मोहब्बत में जो हो गया हो किसी का

लूटा जो मुसाफिर, दिल के सफ़र में
है जन्नत ये दुनियाँ उसकी नजर में
उसी ने हैं लूटा मजा जिन्दगी का

है सजदे के काबिल हर वो दीवाना
के जो बन गया हैं तसवीर-ए-जाना
करो एहतराम उसकी दीवानगी का

बरबाद होना जिसकी अदा हो
दर्द-ए-मोहब्बत जिसकी दवाँ हो
सताएगा क्या गम उसे जिन्दगी का

Tonight’s feeling

Questions ? Yes I have a lot in my heart.
But the time is testing me.
I have been waiting for so long,
passing every moment is like crossing a sea.

My eyes are tiered looking for shore,
hands are not willing to push the water away.
I tried not to let the motivation die,
But my head is getting heavy, it want to stop.

But the dreams which I have seen,
when my eyes were open, are like a boost.
It doesn’t let my hope shed away,
may be I am tired but the desire is not letting me to die.

So why blaming the day dreams ?
God is too far away to listen,
‘belief’ has lost the battle of patience
But my mind is still hopeful.

It always says let’s try for the last time,
but after every last time,
the faith inside me becomes hungry
I cry again…
I want to try again.
My dreams are golden and I love them.

Please don’t go away !

The cake time

A darling was born 7 years ago ! She is always charming and delighted…

Baby doll
Sweet srishti
Srishti ! She is the daughter of my elder sister named guria (A doll like Barbie !).
guria n srishti !!!
guria n srishti !!!
If you are going to look at both of them it would be hard to tell who is ‘guria’. Both the mother and child are so sweet looking :)

Yesterday Srishti became 7 years old. She is the first child whom I have seen growing up in front of my eyes. The way she talked and played with me in all these years are like some impressions in my mind which I will never forget. The reason why after seven years of her birth I’m writing this post is that these seven years of memory has made me realised the way life changes. These memories, if seen collectively, clearly indicate how life start posing responsibility onto the shoulders of a human being.

She is a girl who will not let you continue to be sad any further.

She invites everyone in her birthday…

She is proud to be a girl. She likes to be dressed up in a pure female attire. ‘lehenga chunri’ is what she is passionate about :P

Hairbands and beauty cream are something which we use as a tool to calm her down when she couldn’t find her mom !

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“One day her mom went to give an exam, leaving her with us. When srishti realized that her mom is not home for a long time then she started crying. Her face grew red. Looking at her I felt so bad. And it seemed impossible for me and my mom to calm her down. We tried to distract her by using paintings, toys… but none served the purpose !

Then I carried her, in my arms, to the big mirror and started praising her. I lauded about her beauty and then I saw that this was working !!!

Then we planned together to make her ready before her mom comes back home. She has put every stuff present over the dressing table. This story simply tells us that she is fond of her beauty and she is very much conscious about her reputation in front of me and nana ji :P


She always likes to go market with me because…?

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Now lets come to her 7th birthday celebration !

My wish :

Dear God,

Bless her with kindness, love, happiness and prosperity. I see my childhood in her. I grew up much faster. Whatever a person enjoys in his childhood days keeps him happy all his life. Childhood is the most precious part of our lives. Bless her with all the happiness of childhood.

On her 7th birthday, bless her with wisdom and kindness. Give her strength to stay truthful. Now she is entering into the world of reality. She will now have to make decisions on her own. So my dear god, bless her with ample power of judgement.

May she excel in all spheres of her life. Keep her happy and most importantly take away all the worries of her mom !

Thank you


Now its time for some entertainment. Here I am sharing some of her 7th birthday pictures.


<3 <3 <3

baby doll

<3 <3 <3

The cake time

My best wishes are always with you Srishti !

Wishing you a very happy 7th birthday :)

audi concept car !!

Alone ? It’s the best time to do something big in your life !!!

It’s better to try to accomplish your dreams alone. The day you relate someone with your dreams there is a greater chance to fail ! Sometimes you may feel bad about travelling the journey alone, just like me, but trust me by not being dependent on someone we become more responsible towards our work.

Time goes on ! And it’s time for everyone to understand that we should do right things in the right time. Everything else, not in our hand, will come automatically. We don’t need to worry about it.


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Rahul Ranjan’s Reviews > I Am Dead But My Heart Beats

I Am Dead But My Heart BeatsI Am Dead But My Heart Beats by Priyank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


No matter weather you have ever been in love or lived a life where you were a dolphin in an ocean of love. You’ll surely enjoy this book. This book presents a total new dimension to love.
This book will inspire you and give you an Idea of how to describe the beauty of your girlfriend in an endless manner. It will also make your heart cry if you come read the entre story.
its true my friend that you can truly understand the love only when its gone.
Such a nice writing style. I am totally flattered. Congratulations Priyank for this beautiful piece of work.

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